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  • KAP7 becomes the official ball of The Greece Water Polo Federation

    December 10, 2021 1 min read

    Irvine, CA — KAP7 International, Inc. (KAP7) has become the official ball of the Greece Water Polo Federation. 

    “I was fortunate enough to play professionally for several years in Greece and loved every minute of it. I’m excited to partner with this amazing federation and help grow the sport and league.” said Wolf Wigo, President and founder. “We are committed to supporting the Greece Federation and supplying the best water polo balls on the market”. This partnership demonstrates that KAP7 continues to make the highest quality products and is the preferred ball of elite aquatic athletes. 

    Designed to meet guidelines for local, national and global specifications, each KAP7 ball is constructed with extreme care and quality. With years of industry experience, specific design elements and top of the line materials, KAP7 has created the long lasting and extremely grippable HydroGrip for all levels of competition. KAP7 offers five sizes of balls. The KAP7 104 and 105 will be specifically used in Greece League competition.

    About KAP7

    Founded by aquatic greats Bradley Schumacher and Wolf Wigo, KAP7 is comprised of former collegiate and Olympic athletes. Combined they have participated in 3 Olympic Games, 13 NCAA Water Polo Championships, 3 NCAA Swimming Championships, 2 NCAA Swimming Finals, and claimed 2 Olympic Gold Medals and 7 NCAA Water Polo titles. Based on many years of combined experience, KAP7 was formed to design and build innovative world class products for the water polo community that are “Built by Water Polo Players, For Water Polo Players”. Visit:www.kap7.com for more information on KAP7 International, Inc.

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