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  • Water Safety Through Water Polo

    KAP7 in conjunction with the California Water Safety Coalition has worked together to develop a program for kids to learn to swim through water polo.    KAP7 is the worldwide leader for developing innovative products for the water polo community.  The California Water Safety Coalition is the leader in identifying strategies for communities to prevent drowning.  Specifically,The California Water Safety Strategy aims to reduce drowning and aquatic injuries by fostering collaboration among local communities, government agencies, and organizations.Together, KAP7 and the California Water Safety Coalition are bridging the gaps on drowning prevention with the use of tools that will foster the development of programs that help children learn to swim, which is the #1 prevention method.  There should be no barrier for anyone to learn to swim.

    John Abdou (California Water Safety Coalition Board Member) former USA Water Polo National Teams Director and current UC IrvineAssociate Athletic Director, Health, Wellness & Sport Performance has the lead the charge on this innovative project.  John made the connection between the great sport of water polo and using the tools that have been developed for the water polo community to teach the children to swim.  “John and I have been working together for over a decade on strategies for the growth of water polo nationwide and KAP7 has always lead the charge on developing new products that would break down barriers for kids to learn the sport of water polo.  John through his work with the California Water Safety Coalition had the vision and connected the dots on KAP7 products and how they could help the mission of the coalition.  We were narrowly focused on the existing water polo community with our products and after several meetings with John it became clear that together we could make a difference.  Water Safety Through Water Polo was hatched and together we hope to impact youth from all backgrounds.” – Bradley Schumacher, Founder & President KAP7 International, Inc.- Two-Time Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist

    Water Safety through Water Polo

    There is something special about the sport of water polo and when you introduce a ball into the water with children they are hooked.  The main issue for young children is if they can’t touch the bottom or don’t know how to swim they can throw a ball in the water.  Bruce Wigo (former International Swimming Hall of Fame CEO) Aquatics Expert and Historian developed a learn to swim tool called the float trainer.  It is truly a game changer for children and water.  The innovative design provides the ability to be both horizontal and vertical in the water while having full freedom of movement.  Existing water wings and float devices don’t allow this freedom and are a natural deterrent for learning to swim.  With the float trainer kids naturally begin to skull and feel the water all while being safe with the float tubes off to the side.  Truly innovative.



    KAP7 is proud to offer two unique introductory packages to help develop and train young players. 

    Beginner Package-  Water Safety Through Water Polo

    This is a great place to start and introduce water polo to kids age 2 & up.  With the float trainer system kids who cannot swim can play and have fun in the water with the balls.  Exploring the pool and learning to throw a ball in a pop-up goal.

    Package Includes
    Retail Value:  $560.95
    Package Price:  $349.95


    Advanced Package- Water Safety Through Water Polo

    The Advanced package is for YMCA and Learn to Swim programs who want to add programming for their facilities.  The 10U inflatable goals are easily set up and can be deflated and stored in the carry bag easily. 

    Package Includes
    Retail Value:  $2118.30
    Package Price:  $1195