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  • KAP7's New Performance Goggles With Sustainable Packaging

    February 23, 2022 2 min read

    We listened to our customers' and athletes' feedback and completely redesigned our signature goggles. Our revamped performance goggles come in four unique styles which are designed for different activities and face sizes. We included anti-fog, polarized and mirrored lenses designed for sun and glare protection which gives you the perfect clarity underwater no matter the conditions. In addition, the rubber frames offer extra comfort and the custom strap is designed to lock in place so you can have a hassle-free experience while you train.

    The future of goggles has arrived. KAP7 is focused on becoming more sustainable and to reduce our plastic footprint, we are using 100% recycled cardboard for our packaging. We also designed our goggles to be more sturdy, durable, and comfortable so they last longer than your typical goggles. 

    The KAP7 goggles come in 4 different styles

    The Captain: A UV Mirrored goggle designed for pool swimming, drill training, and ocean swimming. Our ultra wide lens creates a full line of sight.

    The S50 Polarized Swim goggle was designed for lengthy swim sets and competitions. The UltraAnti-FOG keeps our S50s fog-free so you don’t have to constantly clean during practice. The wide view lenses offer UV protection and a full panoramic view.

    The S14 UV Turbo Racing Google: a more sleek racing design with a lock in place nose bridge built for racing. The goggle includes anti fog technology, UV protection, and easily adjustable straps. 

    The Carina:Performance goggles developed with extra soft and thin padding. It is built with a detachable nose bridge which is adjustable and this durable and sleek goggle was designed for training and racing. 

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