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  • How to pick the right water polo goal for your training

    September 06, 2022 2 min read

    Water polo goals come in different shapes and sizes which accommodate different pool designs and age groups. KAP7, the leader in water polo equipment and gear, offers over 10 different water polo goals. Below is a breakdown of the goals as well as use cases. 

    KAP7 Championship Goal

    The premier goal in the aquatic market. Regulation size and made in the USA from marine grade polywood with stainless steel support bars and bolts. The goal is supported by lane lines on each side and the floats give it the perfect buoyancy for high level competition. 

    Wall Mounted Goal

    If your pool is too short to add in lane lines out of bounds markers, then the wall mounted goal is what you're looking for. Simply install two holes on the side of your pool deck and the Wall Mounted Goal is easily inserted into the holes. The goal is light enough for two players to carry the cage over the pool’s edge and drop it in. The Wall Mounted Goal is regulation sized and some of the top water polo colleges in America use this goal for training and competition. 

    Antiwave Odyssey Floating Water Polo Goal

    Considered by some to be the best goal on the market, the Odyssey Floating Goal is used at the Olympic and college levels. The goal is stationed by lanelines on each side and the floats give it the perfect buoyancy for water polo competition. 

    KAP7 Inflatable Full Size Goal

    The KAP7 Inflatable Full Size Water Polo Goal is the most trusted inflatable goal on the market. Lightweight, durable, and convenient, this portable goal is the perfect goal for beach water polo, backyard pools, splash ball games, and even training. The Inflatable Goal comes with a carry bag that has room for the goal, five balls, and the pump. 

    KAP7 Kids Inflatable Junior Goal

    A smaller version of The KAP7 Inflatable Full Size Water Polo Goal, the Junior goal is the official goal of 12U and Beach Water Polo. This is also perfect for a backyard pool. KAP7 also offers a small size, theSplashball Inflatable Goal that is the regulation for 10U. If you have a smaller backyard pool, this is the perfect cage for you. 

    Antiwave Splashball Folding Water Polo Goal

    The official goal of Splashball. This Mini floating water polo goal is a two-thirds version of the popular Anti-Wave full sized goal. The goal is 2 meters or approximately 6.6 feet across and 0.7 meters or approximately 2.3 feet high. The goal can be folded flat for easy storage and is ideal for kids games, residential pools, or a drill station for your school or club team. Folding the goal is easy; just disconnect the two nylon rear struts from their sockets and the goal folds back onto itself. Easy to carry, easy to store. Goal is furnished with floats and a red net.

    KAP7 Pop-up Water Polo Goal

    The newest goal at KAP7, the Pop-up Water Polo Goal is ultra portable and was designed to be used in pools, living rooms, or fields. The goal is extremely versatile and ideal for young children. The goal can only support splashballs or size 1 or smaller balls. 

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