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  • Water polo player teaches kids from African Communities how to swim

    August 15, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment




    LINCOLN PARK, Calif. (KAP7 International) — A water polo player is using his passion for the sport to teach kids how to swim.

    "I'm really happy to be able to bring the opportunity that I've been able to have playing water polo to my own community," said Prince Asante Sefa-Boakye.

    Sefa-Boakye played water polo for Coronado High School and went on to play the sport professionally overseas.

    "Water polo and swimming... they're the only sports where you're learning life-saving skills," he said.

    Now Sefa-Boakye, who's Ghanian, is teaching those life-saving skills to African communities through his non-profit Black Star Polo. He partnered with Iftin Charter School in City Heights, where most students are children of Somali refugees. He also partnered with KAP7, where they donated water polo balls, water polo goals, and t-shirt for all the kids. KAP7 is a water polo company that gives back a portion of their proceeds to the community and sport.

    "We are so proud of Asante and his team for giving back, teaching kids the importance of swimming, and ultimately growing the sport. KAP7 is honored to help out with this incredible non-profit and we're excited to see a lasting impact in these communities."  Bradley Schumacher, President and CEO of KAP7.

    "I guess people think because we're Muslim and we cover up, we can't swim, or we can't get into the water, but it is important for our safety, for anyone's safety," said Ayan Keyd.

    Keyd brought her daughter to the five-day aquatic camp. "This gives her a chance to be around people that are same as her... that wear hijab, that are Muslim, that she can relate to," said Keyd.

    The camp began Monday at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA with the children learning basic swim moves. "Staying aloft, being okay blowing bubbles underwater to eventually how you can make a stroke," said Sefa-Boakye.

    On Friday, the kids learned how to play KAP7 splash ball, a kid-friendly version of water polo.

    Sefa-Boakye said it's not just swimming lessons they gain from the sport, but life lessons of overcoming adversity.

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    Dawn Young
    Dawn Young

    December 29, 2023

    Great project!

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