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  • The Friends of the Rutherford Pool

    July 06, 2015 1 min read

    We love opportunities like this!

    “The Friends of the Rutherford Pool (FORP) in Ypsilanti Michigan raised over $1.2M over the past 2-1/2 years to rebuild the city owned pool. Due to City Parks budget constraints, the City was not able to rebuild it themselves. With the help of local and state grants, fundraisers, donations, foundations and hard work by the neighbors, the old pool was dug up and rebuilt in 2014. The pool opened last summer and this past week it opened for it's 2nd full season. The pool web site is: www.forpool.org

    For many yearson Wednesday nights (before the original pool closed and now that it has reopened), a consistent group of 20+ neighbors (adults, teens, kids) come to play a very casual, non-contact, easygoing game of water polo. The pool does not have caps to identify who is on which team, so it's hard to know who to pass too […] we are in need of caps.”

    We happily donated some caps and are happy to report that everyone knows who to pass to!

    Thank you Rutherford Pool and Eric for letting us be part of your team and spreading water polo in every pool!


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