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  • "Fix Your Suit"

    February 27, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

    Hello all!

    Allison here, Women's Director at TURBO USA and KAP7 International, Inc. I am sure you’ve seen the "Fix Your Suit" video (it's linked to this post if you still need to watch) put out by the WOWPAC (Women Of Water Polo And Coaching). As a member of WOWPAC, a water polo coach, and a swimwear designer, I support the initiative of the WOWPAC and would like to offer some option(s) on behalf of TURBO and KAP7.

    It is a constant struggle to find the perfect swim suit, whether it's a beach bikini or a training suit, so a water polo game suit is not much different in that regard. We are here to help! TURBO is always searching for the magic fabric or cut to prevent wedgies and side exposure. We are almost there, but for now our women’s line offers a variety of suits to meet each team's needs!

    Here's what we have come up with...so far:

    - TURBO COMFORT SUIT: The Comfort has 4-way stretch fabric and is the most popular of the women's water polo suits. It’s the suit the United States and Spanish National Teams wore in the London Olympic Games. It comes in solid colors with contrasting stitching.

    - TURBO COMFORT ELITE SUIT: The Comfort Elite features 4-way stretch and dye-sublimated side panels. The side panels allow for more design freedom when customizing team suits, and they also provide a lower leg cut. (Fun Fact: My high school team wore these suits for the first time this season and they LOVE them!)

    - TURBO FLASH/TECHNO SUIT: The Flash and Techno are great team suits because both styles are made of dye-sublimated fabric, which can be completely customized. These suits also have a more modest cut for fuller coverage on the backside.

    - TURBO NEDERLAND SUIT: TURBO designed this pattern specifically for the Netherlands National Team. They needed a longer suit because their team was taller than average, so TURBO designed a suit that would cover them top to bottom. The Nederland style is tall and modest for those lengthy attackers!

    Check out the WOWPAC on Facebook!

    If you have any questions about finding the right suit for your team, please e-mail abeck@kap7inc.com!

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    December 29, 2023

    Saying that this is the athletes fault is absolutely ridiculous and hurtful. Everyone’s body is different and will fit different in a swim suit and women should not be made targets because of the way their suit fits their body. Men are unaffected in this area despite their suits being way more “exposing” and yet no one is shaming them for the way their suits fit them. Water polo is a full contact sport and for safety reasons, a tight fitting suit is necessary. The tight fit will cause any material to ride up while moving. This video is 5 years old apparently but it should be taken down immediately. Do better KAP7. Support the athletes who buy your products and play the sport your company focuses on instead of shaming them and posting hateful videos.

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