The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will broadcast the selection show for the 2016 NCAA Women's Water Polo Championship on Monday, May 2, at 5:00 p.m. PST on

USC wins MPSF title

Fans can access the video broadcast by CLICKING HERE.

The championship field will include the Top Six seeds along with the victors of two play-in games.

Based on the recommendations of the NCAA Women's Water Polo Committee, and approval b

y the NCAA Championship Committee, seven conferences receive automatic bids into the 10-team NCAA Championship postseason (with their conference champions):

  • Big West Conference - University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Mountain Pacific Sports Federation - University of Southern California
  • Collegiate Water Polo Association - University of Michigan
  • Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference - Whittier College
  • Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference - Wagner College
  • Western Water Polo Association - University of California-San Diego
  • Golden Coast Conference - San Diego State University

UCSD captures WWPA crownThree additional teams will be selected at large without geographical restrictions to round out the field. From these 10 teams, six will automatically advance to the NCAA Championship at UCLA, while the bottom four will compete in Play-In games on Saturday, May 7.

For fans, the NCAA Championship field is set using the following criteria:

  • Seed and separate the top 6 teams
  • Play-in teams and match-ups will be determined by the NCAA Women's Water Polo Committee selection process
  • Play-ins are contested between the lowest ranked teams (regardless of conference RPI)
  • Play-in games will be conducted after selections, but before the first scheduled championship round
  • The intent is to have the play-in games hosted by the higher seeded team that submits a bid and m
    eets hosting requirements; however, due to geographic proximity and missed SDSU takes home the GCC tropheyclass time host sites may be determined at the NCAA committee's discretion.
  • Unless the committee determines otherwise, the play-in games will be played as follows:Seed #8 will host Seed #9

    Seed #7 will host Seed #10

  • The play-in games will be contested Saturday, May 2. The game time will be mutually agreed on between the two teams.

Per NCAA rules, the following criteria shall be employed by a governing sports committee in selecting participants for NCAA championships competition [Bylaw 31.3.3; Criteria for Selection of Participants]:

● Won-lost record

● Strength of schedule

● Eligibility and availability of student-athletes for NCAA championships

UCSB get first ever NCAA Bid

In addition to Bylaw 31.3.3., the NCAA Women’s Water Polo Committee defines the following primary criteria (not in priority order):

  • Primary Criteria
    • Head to head competition
    • Results versus teams under consideration

If the evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision, the following secondary criteria will be reviewed:

  • Secondary Criteria
    • Results versus common opponentsLate-season performance — defined as the last 10 games including conference championship tournaments (strength and results)
    • Rating Percentage Index (RPI): As listed above, the Women’s Water Polo Committee will use the Rating Percentage Index (RPI) as a secondary criteria during the selection process. An institution’s RPI rankingMichigan wins the CWPA title consists of three factors that are weighted as follows:
      • Factor I – Winning Percentage – 25%
      • Factor II – Opponents’ average winning percentage – 50%
      • Factor III – Opponents’ opponents’ average winning percentage – 25%
      • Specifically, the final number is calculated using the following formula:
        • Factor I: Take each team’s won-lost percentage and multiply that by 25%.
        • Factor II: Take each opponent’s won-lost percentage (excluding the wins or losses against the team in question), then average these percentages and multiply that figure by 50%
        • Factor III: Take each opponent’s opponents’ won-lost percentage (excluding the wins or losses against the team in question), then averages these percentages and multiply that figure by 25%
      • To calculate the final RPI, add all of the calculated figures.

      ALL info via CWPA.

Wagner College wins MAAC