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  • One piece vs two piece suits: The guide for women’s water polo

    April 06, 2022 2 min read

    KAP7 is the official provider of Turbo Swimsuits. Not only does Turbo provide the best quality suits on the market, they are also trusted by Olympians and are used by over half of the National teams. 

    When it comes to women’s suits, there are a wide range of fits and styles. In this post, we break down the differences and the scenarios for each type.

    The Turbo comfort suit is the go to suit for competition. The wide straps provide total movement freedom and because of the fabric and reinforced seams, it also makes grabbing the suit difficult. But, if it does get grabbed, you can be confident that it won’t rip even if you twist your way out of the grab. The suit is built for outdoor and indoor competition due to it’s 50 SPF, chlorine, and salt water resistance. When you watch water polo at a high level, whether it's the Olympics or NCAA, these are the suits that are being worn and relied upon. 

    The Turbo thin strapped swimsuit is another great option for water polo players. We don’t recommend using this suit for competition but this is ideal for training. It has the same great designs and fabrics as the comfort competition suit but the thin straps make it even more comfortable for those long training sessions. This suit is ideal for swim sets, circuit training, and shoot drills. It is easier to grab around the shoulder areas so we recommend that you don’t wear these for scrimmages as they have the potential to get pulled down from an aggressive grab. 

    The Turbo Bikini is one of our best sellers for a reason. They are cute, comfortable, and stylish and they have a place for certain types of training. Similar to the thin strap, these are great for swim sets, circuit training, shooting drills, and dryland but shouldn’t be worn in scrimmages or competition because of how easy they are to grab and pull off. Athletes love this fit because they can work on a full body tan and also feel confident that these suits are designed to withstand most things that you throw at it. They are chlorine resistant, salt water resistant, light weight, anti-pilling, and have 50+ SPF.

    Most athletes will have several fits and styles of water polo suits that they can pull out for any occasion. The fabric is one of the most important aspects to a water polo suit as you need the right material to not tear and deteriorate from chlorine. Turbo makes all of their suits from a double lined high quality polyester fabric that is specifically designed to withstand years of wear. 

    Turbo also offers hundreds of unique patterns and designs that accommodate all preferences and styles. 

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