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  • KAP7 The Official Ball of LEN

    February 02, 2017 2 min read


    KAP7 is new LEN (Ligue Européenne de Natation) Sponsor

    KAP7 International proudly announces the beginning of a new partnership with LEN. KAP7 will be the provider of water polo balls for all 52 countries in LEN competitions.

    Europe's best water polo players will now be playing with KAP7 water polo balls in the Champions League, all other LEN club competitions and all European Championships in the coming months and years. LEN stages the four most important club competitions worldwide.

    KAP7 was founded in 2004 by aquatic greats, 2-time Olympic champion Bradley Schumacher and 3-time Olympian Wolf Wigo. Schumacher and Wigo were key members of the USA National Team that won gold at the 1997 Fina World Cup Championships in Athens Greece. The company was formed to design and build innovative world-class products for the water polo community. KAP7's slogan “Built by Water Polo Players for Water Polo Players” speaks for itself. The KAP7 Hydrogrip water polo ball has quickly become the athletes’ choice at all levels of competition because of its quality materials, tacky grip surface and wide grip channels.

    Wigo was excited about the expanded presence this will bring for KAP7 in Europe. "KAP7 already has a tremendous national presence in the USA. We are excited to increase our presence in Europe, so that now, players from the club level up to the world's greatest players, here and in Europe, will be using the KAP7 ball."

    “Since its founding, KAP7 has been committed to the success of the sport of water polo.” KAP7 President Bradley Schumacher stated, “Today, we are thrilled to announce KAP7 is the exclusive brand of water polo ball for all LEN sanctioned water polo competitions. This new alliance brings together two entities with the shared goal of elevating the sport of water polo and its players through investment in and access to quality product, competition, exposure, and education.”

    LEN has successfully lead the effort to grow water polo’s popularity on a global scale, and it has a clear vision for the path forward. He added, “This strategic partnership with KAP7 represents a key piece of that path forward. KAP7 is honored to play a role in water polo’s promising future!”

    “It’s always exciting to have a new partner on board” LEN President Paolo Barelli says. “In water polo, all eyes are kept on Europe almost all the time, we have the best players both in the clubs and in the national teams so it has the utmost importance what kind of balls they play with. KAP7 is a dedicated partner which really focuses on water polo, their commitment is a guarantee to provide the best quality for the players.”

    The spring rounds of the Champions League and the qualification rounds of the 2018 European Championships will witness the debut of the new KAP7 water polo balls.

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