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  • European Aquatics reveals new logo and brand on World Water Day

    March 22, 2024 3 min read

    European Aquatics is delighted to reveal its new logo and brand identity, timed to coincide with World Water Day.  

    The launch of the new brand comes after a series of reforms that sees European Aquatics become a modern organization ready to lead, and to serve athletes, federations, and stakeholders. The brand reveal is the first major milestone of the European Aquatics’ Strategic Plan 2024-2030.  

    The adoption of the European Aquatics name was confirmed at the European Aquatics Congress held on September 16, 2023, in Funchal.  

    The unique ambiance of blue water is central to the design, strategically intertwined with an emblematic wave pattern grid system. At the same time, the brand colours symbolize our sport’s aquatic nature with style.  

    The incorporation of deep blue water aligns seamlessly with the brand's tagline, "This is your element."   

    While water remains a universal element, the brand reveal aims to convey the overarching message that European Aquatics is your element, symbolizing a connection to the fundamental essence of water for everyone connected to the sport.  

    The European Aquatics rebrand came from a desire to merge two pillars - performance (competition) and way of life (social responsibility) - with water at the core.  

    The outcome creates a feeling of flowing evolution, to inspire the success of European Aquatics’ future journey:  

    • To empower professionalism.  
    • To boost reputation and increase brand equity.   
    • To lay strong foundations for a globally loved brand.  

    European Aquatics President Antonio Silva said:   

    “Our new logo is more than just a symbol or a mark. It is the visual representation of our mission, our brand, and our desired impact in Europe and beyond.   

    The new brand epitomises our vision and mission to show how European Aquatics and our member federations are committed to high performance and healthy lifestyles, putting Aquatics Social Responsibility and sustainability at the heart of all our activities.   

    We decided to launch the new brand on World Water Day, to symbolise our commitment to the United Nation’s charter for clean water which is a crucial part of the UN’s Developing Goals strategy (2015-20130). Our alignment with this strategy strengthens the role of Aquatic sports as a catalyst for positive change. This new brand marks the climax of more than two years of intensive organisational transformation, guided by the Bureau of European Aquatics. During this process, we have made very significant improvements to governance, including strengthening the athletes’ voice and creating an independent Aquatics Integrity Unit.   

    We are now ready to move into the activation phase of our Strategic Plan for 2024-2030 and the new brand and identity is the first step. Our new brand and visual identity will also enable us to connect with new audiences and unite new generations of athletes in every one of our disciplines.”   

    Executive Director Patrice Coste said:  

    “The brand reveal asset is primarily about spotlighting the new logo and the distinctive identity of the brand which is:  



    Maintaining the integrity of our logo is key to introducing our new brand across Europe and building interest and engagement with European Aquatics in our diverse audiences. While European Aquatics’ portfolio of digital assets, including all social platforms, has been refreshed with the new look, the replacement of len.eu with a new digital domain is ongoing. During this short transition period, len.eu will continue to be used for the website and email addresses.” 

    The new European Aquatics brand will be rolled out for the upcoming events of 2024 for all disciplines except Water Polo, where only the Men’s Champions League Final 4 competition will include the new branding, while other European Water Polo Club competitions will continue with the current branding until the end of the 2023-2024 season. The European Aquatics Championships in Belgrade from June 10 - 23 will be the first European Aquatics Championships to fully integrate the new brand identity. 

    Check European Aquatics website here and video here

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