Water Polo Goal AntiWave "FlipFloat" Folding Floating

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The FlipFloat goal is a full-size competition floating polo goal that is dimensionally the same size as the very popular Club goal, with the added benefit that it folds flat for storage. The FlipFloat meets all national and international specifications, and is easy to erect and fold down; just pull the rear arms out of their sockets, and the front frame folds down onto the float panels. That’s it! Once folded, the FlipFloat goal can be carried easily by two people. The floatation panels are durable hand-laid fiberglass. The front frame and rear bar are white powder-coated aluminum. The rear struts are 1-in diameter nylon rods. The net and rope are polypropylene. All fittings are stainless steel. Comes with AntiWave’s comprehensive standard 3-Year Warranty. The FlipFloat goal is easy to carry, easy to store, and also great value.

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AW0674 AntiWave FlipFloat Folding Goal

1 Review

29th Dec 2017

Love the cage

My son uses this EVERY day. Well worth the cost.

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