Stanford Water Polo Club



Stanford WPC Parents and Athletes:

Welcome to your new K7 Stanford Online Store.  Year-round Access to your Team Apparel.

How it works:

Stanford Online Store

  • Year-round we will have stock of:  K7 Backpacks, TURBO Suit, White T-shirt, Black T-shirt.
  • You may order at any time and they will be delivered direct to your home from our warehouse.
    • You may order the Suit year round, it is in STOCK.

Seasonal Orders:

  • At the beginning of each session we work with the Stanford WPC Administrators to choose specific products that address the time of year and the needs of the Stanford WPC team.
  • We will establish an ordering window for you to purchase the additional Stanford WPC Team items.
  • Always double check your size selected as the group orders are non-returnable.
  • Your order will ship to each individual directly after production (normally 2 weeks).


Phone:  949 727 3535 

Click here for the size chart