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The Smart Choice for the Safety of Your Swimmers

Uniquely designed-designed to fit most pools, Safe Lane helps provide additional injury protection for all swimmers- especially those who are inexperienced or novice level, blind or sight-impaired, disabled or with special needs, or competitive backstrokers .  It attaches to a pool’s lane lines, resting firmly against the side of the pool to help lessen the impact of wall collisions. Safe Lane is an easy-to-use-and-store safety product that every pool will want to have on hand.

Product Features

  • Reduces impact at wall by up to 300%
  • Simple set-up and removal
  • Lightweight and portable for events at other pools
  • Easily folds and stores well when not in use
  • Patent-pending design uses materials that will not tear,stretch, or crack
  • Fits most pools

Product Details

  • Constructed with a sturdy 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester.
  • Safe Lane is waterproof with a high resistance to chemicals and UV rays. 
  • Measures 80 inches in length, and is recommended for use in pool lanes up to 108 inches wide.
  • Patent Pending