KAP7 Inflatable Full Size Goal

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NEW! K7 Inflatable Full Size Goal made of PVC-coated nylon

We have made significant improvements to the inflatable line of K7 Goals.

Dimensions: 10' x 3'

  • Thicker pvc coated nylon to handle the rigors of any location your using them.
  • Improved stronger NANO hand pump to make pumping them up easier.
  • Large Carry bag that holds the goal, 5 balls and the pump.
  • Pump it up in under 3 Minutes
  • Play water polo anywhere




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292 KAP7 Full Size Inflatable Goal 10 Feet x 3 ft

3 Reviews

14th Oct 2016

KAP7 Inflatable Goal

Great product. Quick setup with included pump. Takes just a couple minutes to inflate. Rugged structure. Built to take abuse. Has D-rings so you can anchor it to the side of the pool. I was dubious when I bought it. Thought it looked like a big, overpriced toy. Once I set it up, however, I saw it was rigid, regulation sized and heavy duty. My goal came with a patch repair kit that I've used a couple times. I take the goal to my neighborhood pool in the evenings and shoot around with my kids.

13th Jul 2015

Amazing goal and easy to transport

Super easy to inflate and deflate (only takes a few minuets) and can be transported anywhere. I've taken one to the beach with some friends and it was a hit. We brought two sand bags and rope and secured it to the bottom. Its also great for back yard pools!

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