Are you ready to take you game to the next level? 

The KAP7 European Experience location is Vouliagmeni, Greece.  The tour is led by 2 X Olympic Gold Medalist:  Bradley Schumacher and 3 x Olympian:  Wolf Wigo.  This is a unique opportunity to interact and be coached daily by Bradley and Wolf.  During the European Experience you will refine all aspects of your game in and out of the water.  Learn from the best what it takes to reach your next level.

Who is eligible to attend:  The trip is open to boys and girls ages 14+.

Accommodation:  The Hotel is being Finalized now.  

About Vouliagmeni:  A small town on the outskirts of Athens provides close proximity to the main attractions of Greece while in a very safe environment.  Our main training facility is located walking distance from the main Hotel:

Date:  June 25, 2018 - July 3, 2018

Trip fee:  $4500, this will include Round trip airfare with the group from LAX - Athens, Room & Board, Training, & Transportation.

Note:  Athletes will need spending money as certain excursions will be additional.

What to expect on the trip:  A typical day will include 1 training session in the morning, Guided sight seeing/ cultural Group activity, 1 evening training session/ scrimmage with local team followed by Dinner as a Group.  

Do athletes have free time:  It is our experience having done these trips for 10+ years, and both Wolf and Bradley being parents, providing free time for the athletes is important for their development as athletes.  With that said the free time is always chaperoned to insure the safety of all participating.

How do you room the athletes:  We always encourage the buddy system especially on an international travel trip.  The ideal situation for your athlete is to come with a group of friends.  Athletes are roomed 2 or 3 to a room but always have their own bed.

Departure Airport:  Los Angeles International (LAX)

*If athletes are traveling with their parents they may leave from a different airport.  We cannot meet athletes only in Greece.

**If you choose to fly on your own we will back out the cost of the ticket from the total trip cost.

Questions:  Wolf Wigo-

How do i reserve my spot:  SPACE IS LIMITED!

1.  Email: to reserve your spot.

2.  Provide Your name and Number.

3.  We will send a form to fill out with all the pertinent info we need to secure your spot. 

4.  We will schedule a call to go over all the details of the trip and answer any questions.

5.  Send a check in the amount of $2000 payable to:


12 Goodyear Suite 120

Irvine, CA 92618

Subject:  K7 Greece Trip

The Final Payment will be due March 1, 2018.

Cancellation Policy:

Once we go ticket the airfare for the trip the $2000 deposit is non-refundable, Mid February.  The entire trip is non-refundable March 15, 2018.