KAP182 KAP7 Rebounder

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REBOUNDERS Arrived November 30, 2020.

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 The KAP7 Rebounder is perfect for poolside or in-pool workouts! Bounces the ball right back to you. Great for working on passing or accuracy training.

  • 33" x 33"
  • Sturdy at 24 lbs
  • Tie helps prevent loss of pin
  • Pegs on both sides

Add replacement L-pins

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1 Year limited Warranty

5 Reviews

15th Aug 2019

Kap7 Rebounder

Excellent product, exceeds expectations and a great value.

6th Jan 2018


These days, it is nice to get something that is well built and works like it is supposed to. I would recommend this rebounder to anyone. I didn't understand what I was supposed to attach the tethered bolt to or why I would want to.

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