HAMMERHEAD PowerGlide Jammer

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Powerglide Pro Compression Technical Suits feature the revolutionary Aquatech® Compression Fabric, combining lightweight construction with hydrophobic micro-filament performance to provide maximum agility, stability (proprioception) and ultimate speed. Featuring a 3D Anatomic Fit and hydrody- namic design, Powerglide Pro acts as a sleek second skin, offering strategic com- pression fit to increase muscle endurance and power output while reducing form drag. This advanced technical suit reduces muscle oscillation, the major cause of muscle fatigue, and improves blood circulation without limiting freedom of movement. The compression fit also increases muscle
oxygenation, which leads to lower heart rate for greater performance, and promotes muscle flexion and extension, which results in increased speed in the water with lower energy depletion.

Powerglide Pro is a unique one piece suit with smooth bonded finish creating the lowest possible profile to reduce drag and maximize performance. Powerglide Pro provides a sleek stitch-free surface drastically reducing stroke turbulence so swimmers can cut through the water with minimal resistance.

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