KAP7 Water Polo Heavy Trainer Ball

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KAP7 Heavy Trainer Ball

The KAP7 Heavy Trainer Ball will improve shooting strength of the shoulder and oblique muscles as well as the forearm, wrist and hand. Correct repetitions with the KAP7 Heavy Training Ball ball will increase power and arm velocity without undue strain on the shoulder or elbow.

  • Normal ball grip for easy control in water drills
  • Perfect weight for passing training at 2.2 lbs (1KG)
  • Improves game skill and strength
  • Size 2 for added usability

Check out the video section below for drills and tips!

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1 Review

11th Feb 2015


This ball is perfect for training and conditioning in various capacities. We have our field players use the ball to focus on wrist snap, doing repeated wrist passing to strengthen forearms for added power and snap in their shot. In addition, all of our players use these balls for our leg conditioning: once we are about 2 weeks into a season and have established base-conditioning with the regular ball, we substitute this Heavy Trainer and have players pass back and forth with two hands, carry the ball laterally, or work at 100% with the ball for 10 seconds on and 10 off. It's amazingly versatile and the balls last, seemingly, forever—we’ve never had to replace one and we use them consistently. We have 12 for our program and they are the primary go-to for our conditioning.

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