KAP7 Rebounder

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The KAP7 Rebounder is perfect for poolside or in-pool workouts! Bounces the ball right back to you. Great for working on passing or accuracy training.

  • 33" x 33"
  • Sturdy at 24 lbs
  • Tie helps prevent loss of pin
  • Pegs on both sides

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1 Year limited Warranty

2 Reviews

15th Jan 2016

Great Product, Even Better Customer Service

Customer Service gets a million stars. Great quality product for training. Very sturdy and perfect for edge of family pool.

6th Feb 2015

Great Polo Training Piece

I have only used wood or the plexi-glass/plastic (not sure the material) rebounders in the past, so was skeptical about netting. It is amazing! The simulation of passing is created using this rebounder. The netting catches, absorbs the energy, and redirects it back to the hand like a perfect pass. It is great for dryland and in-water training. I like the small face as it forces the player to focus on technique and accuracy. It is lightweight enough for mobility but the construction is pretty sturdy and solid. The netting is a strong, thick netting, very durable.

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